#HamOnt Stinson Lofts and #builtheritage

Today, the Hamilton Spectator had an article on the Stinson Lofts and it made the point about how developers are adaptively re-using former schools and other buildings for condo projects; that there is a real demand for this kind of property.

In my opinion, Hamilton's built heritage is a scare resource and is too valuable to be demolished, particularly when it is being replaced by parking lots or cheap building projects that show their wear and tear within a few short years.

Some have argued that old buildings are a waste of money, but increasingly individuals and investors are realizing that this built heritage can offer a solid return on investment. Rather than bottom fishing with cheap, quick-buck development schemes that offers lower tax revenue and limited growth opportunity for the surrounding area, Civic leaders should be actively protecting these finite assets.

Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

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