New Equipment for filming #Art and #BuiltHeritage

Dec 1, 2013

 I listen and watch a lot of Youtube music videos while working in the studio.  Recently I came across two amazing channels: FifGen Films and Kina Grannis.

FifGen Films is a creative music video outfit located on the West Coast.  They have produced music videos for Lindsey Sterling, Peter Hollons and Pentatonix.  My favourite video is the making of Radioactive.  What I find most impressive about FifGen Films is how they make great creative videos on relatively inexpensive equipment.

What I find remarkable about Kina Grannis is the way she combines the written word with a video diary.  Grannis is also very creative in how she builds fan support by letting people get a first-hand account into her efforts at gaining a music label contract; her experiences on tour; and the whole experience of being a musician.  It is not self-promotion but a sharing of her experiences with her fans.

With new technology and some creativity, a visual artist can now engage their supporters in the art making process.  This is much more than a virtual studio tour.

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