#H24 Results for Hamilton 24 Hours Film Festival

This past Friday, the organizers of the Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival presented the top 10 films out of 27 submissions.  Unfortunately, Team Fat Cats and Starving Dogs entry “Seize the Day” did not make the cut. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and we are still very proud of our film.

#H24 Gala on Friday evening
#H24 Gala on Friday evening

I have uploaded our film to Youtube; our film is also embedded this blog: FatCats-StarvingDogs.com

I would like to encourage all those who submitted a film for this year’s event to post them to Youtube or Vimeo.  You put all this effort into making your film; it would be shame if the world didn’t get a chance to see it.

You never know who will see your film or who may be inspired by it.

For example, it was my chance Youtube encounter with the film entitled “Under the Table (2012) directed by Cory Breton with co-cinematography by David Capizzano and Sabbrina Spilotro that inspired me to enter the 2014 Hamilton 24 Hour Film Fest.

So, I feel the all 27 teams should upload their films.

If teams let me know when they upload to Youtube or Vimeo, I will tweet the news by using the hashtag #H24 and #HamOnt. I will also post the news on my blog: FatCats-Starving Dogs.com

In the meantime, here is a list of the top 10 films in order of their presentation by the organizers.


  1. Neila (Luna Rosa)
  2. Two Many Kevins (DNP)
  3. The Brink (Moonage)
  4. Plans (Focus and Shadow) – 2nd Place
  5. Freedom Reins (Allan Smithies)
  6. The Delivery (ColourBlind/LowKey/Create) – 3rd Place
  7.  Precession (Mobhouse Crew)
  8. Mr. Used (Freaks and Geeks)
  9. Red Cans (Brown Scone Production) – 1st Place
  10. The List (Campus 905)


Again, there are 17 other films that were made but were not shown at the Gala.  In previous years, only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners tended to post, with odd one or two top 10 entries.  I would like to change this situation and encourage all 27 teams to post their films to Youtube or Vimeo.  To start the process, here is ours: Seize the Day.

Now, 26 films to go.

Chris Erskine





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