Hamilton Artist Update 21: Experiencing #H24

Experiencing the Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival

Telling visual stories with video has become quite a consuming passion. The ability to capture, document, and show my little slice of reality is a powerful draw.

The focus of my film work is to generate a visual journal of artistic activities, and to document historical architecture of Hamilton that partly inspires my art.

The decision to enter the Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival was a calculated gamble that at risk of making a fool of myself, I might be able to advance my film-making abilities. It was nice to have some friends who were also willing to share the risk.

So, how was the experience? Good but frustrating. Hope do you write, direct, and edit a film that stresses a fictional narrative using actors when your experience is with documentaries and non-actors?

I documented my journey with several film and written posts. Hopefully, these posts have value to those who might want to try the experience for themselves.

1. Team Promo video – June 6th


2. Kick-off Photos – June 7th



3. Working on our film project – 7-8th



3. Post 8 AM hand-in comments -June 8th


4. Hamilton Artist Update 20; additional comments – June 10th


5. Pre-Gala written comments – June 13th



6. Pre-Gala video comments – June 13th


7. Gala Screening Photos – June 13th



8. Post Gala video comments – June 13th


9. The movie – Seize the Day


FYI – The M24 hrs Film Fest has two good videos that are worth viewing for those new to 24 hour film events.  I found them very useful.
The MAC 24 Hour Film Experience


M24 Workshop #3 – How to Win a 24 Hour Film Festival


Chris Erskine

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