#H24 – 15 Films From Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival

June 27, 2014 – 15 out of the 27 films submitted to this year’s Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival have now been upload to Youtube or Vimeo.  I have collected the links so that you can view these outstanding efforts in one location.  It is my hope that not only will you enjoy these short films, but you will be encouraged to try making one yourself.  Hamilton is an amazingly rich and creative community at the moment.  It is time to seize the day!

Background on this year’s contest.  Each from had to use three things:

1. Line of script –

2. A prop – A watering can

3. A location – by candle line

Films were judged on how well they incorporated these three elements in the story.

Everyone arrived at the 41 King William at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 7th.  The ground rules were reviewed and then everyone was set free at 9:00 am.  Films had to be submitted between 8-9 am on Sunday morning (June 8th).  35 teams entered the competition, but only 27 actually submitted a film by the 9 am deadline.

Three judges selected the films and had determined the top 10 films to be screened at the Gala by Monday.  There was a change of judges for the actually selection of the final top 3 films because of illness and scheduling conflicts.  As a result, the actually selection of the top 3 films occurred on Friday, June 13th at the Gala.

So, here are the films that are currently available online.


Top 10 Presented at the Hamilton 24 Hours Final Gala

1. Neila (Luna Rosa)



2. Two Many Kevins (DNP)

3. The Brink (Moonage)

4. Plans (Focus and Shadow) – 2nd Place


5. Freedom Reins (Allan Smithies)


6. The Delivery (ColourBlind/LowKey/Create) – 3rd Place


(interview with Michael Pett)


7. Precession (Mobhouse Crew)


8. Mr. Used (Freaks and Geeks)


9. Red Cans (Brown Scone Production) – 1st Place


10. The List (Campus 905)


There were 17 films submitted to the Hamilton 24 Hour Film that didn’t make the Top 10

11. Seize the Day


12. Guilty


13. Cheese Day


14. Really Ordinary People


15. The Message (Twisted Ace Productions)


16. The Water Level (Nathan Powell)



17. Seed



18. Eye Am


19. Liar


20. Adventures in Landscaping



Thank you to everyone who made their films available for viewing.

Chris Erskine



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