#Art Post No.4 – Nov 22, 2014

Art Post is a review of my experiences as an artist and independent film-maker.  New posts are made every Wednesday on my personal blog site: www.fatcats-starvingdogs.com


Art Post is replacing Hamilton Artist Update.  As I tried to improve the production quality of my updates, I found the time required to produce the weekly reports overwhelming.  I have taken great pride in producing short on-location films from sites throughout the Hamilton and Ancaster region.


I want to continue this practice, but I also need to move back to a gun and run approach to the posts.


At first, using my Blackberry Playbook seemed ideal.  The video and image quality is excellent.  The reverse camera feature made me self-reporting much easier than a tripod-DSLR setup.  Finally, the mobile character of a tablet encourages greater flexibility than the traditional setup.


Unfortunately, the mp4 format and its use a variable frame rate proved too much of a challenge.  The mp4 format allows the sound and video to become out-of-sync when the film is rendered. Furthermore, the problem appears with no rhyme or reason.


Adobe’s Premiere Pro does not address this problem.  And while Quicktime Pro 7 is reputed to be a solution, by saving mp4 files as .mov files, but so far I have had no success.


Starting with the next Art Post, I will shift back to my Canon 600d DSLR camera.  My zoom len does not permit “selfie” hand held shots.  In the short term, I plan to capture my reflection in mirrors.  Longer term, I will need to purchase a 24 mm wide-angle lens to close-up issues.


So, please bare with me as I work out this technical and narrative challenges.


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