Odds and Ends – On Location in Hamilton

field recording at Princess Point, Hamilton (Ont).
field recording at Princess Point, Hamilton (Ont).


Odds and Ends – an artist notebook

28 Sept 2015 – I like capturing the moment, whether art-making or film-making.

Most of my video work is done on the spot, without a script or much of a rehearsal. However, there are times when I want something more crafted, more structured. So, to that end, I have decided to create a series of short films featuring local Hamilton landscapes.

These short films are inspired by the nature clips on the CBS Sunday Mornings with Charles Kuralt back in the 1980s. At that time, the nature clips were 2-3 minutes long and were introduced with a poem or poetic style introduction. I loved the relaxed, unhurried pace of the show and particularly the nature clips. You always felt you had this quiet moment before the day really got going.

This is my goal with my nature clips. To showcase the natural landscapes of Hamilton during each of the four seasons. Given the work involved, I will likely do it once or twice a month. Sunday mornings seem a particularly good time to upload them.

In addition to the filming, the nature clips will provide additional opportunities to develop my field sound recording skills.

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