Hermitage #HamOnt – Part 8

Odds and Ends   This is part 8 and the final installment of the unfinished Hermitage Ruins doc.  Last year, as it appeared that the Hermitage would be partial demolished, a group of activists held a gathering at the Hermitage.  Their goal, to save the Hermitage. This short and unfinished film follows some of theContinue reading “Hermitage #HamOnt – Part 8”

#SavetheHermitage Update

A quick update on the latest developments for the Hermitage Ruins, located in Ancaster, Ontario. Please don’t forget to email 159 words of support to Hamilton City Council prior to Wed’s vote on saving the Hermitage. http://www.hamilton.ca/YourElectedOfficials/WardCouncillors/ Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

#SavetheHermitage – Call to Action

Call to Action – Email 159 words of support to Hamilton City Council by 5 pm, Sept 24, 2014 to save the Hermitage Ruins that are located in Ancaster, Ontario. One word for every year that the Hermitage has existed. Council needs to know that the community will support their decision to save the Hermitage.Continue reading “#SavetheHermitage – Call to Action”

Hamilton Artist Update 34

This week: 1. Documentary work (2.34) 2. Hermitage Update (4.19) 3. Centenary’s Fate (5.23)   Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

Hermitage Update – Sept 11, 2014

Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

Hamilton Artist Update 32 – Finger Painting

This week: 1. On Painting – getting caught up in details (1.55 minutes) 2.  On New Technique -trying out finger painting (2.15 minutes) 3. On New Projects -doing finger painting (0.40 minutes) 4. On the Hermitage – joining forces with Rob Patry (0.40 minutes) 5. On the Hermitage – latest developments (2.35 minutes)    Continue reading “Hamilton Artist Update 32 – Finger Painting”

Meaning of Hermitage

What does the Hermitage mean to you?  This is the question posed by Leanne Pluthero and Marla Loretta (on Aug 22nd), organizers behind the Save the Hermitage Facebook page.  Artist Chris Erskine tries to answer this question as an individual and as an artist. Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

Hermitage Update – August 18, 2014

  Update on the fate of the Hermitage Ruins, located in Ancaster, Ontario. Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec  

Final Appeal for @JoeyColeman

9:00 pm – June 14th Joey Coleman, local and independent Journalist, needs your support to continue his coverage of Hamilton City Hall.  Joey’s crowd funding campaign ends in a few hours. Please consider supporting Joey so that we get the information we need to make informed decisions about civic affairs. Thank you Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.comContinue reading “Final Appeal for @JoeyColeman”

Hamilton Artist Update 16: Hermitage Ruins

Sorry for the poor sound quality.  First attempt at syncing sound and video.  Racing to put together the video, so lacking text.  Please contact the Heritage Permits Sub-committee and demand that the Hermitage Ruins be fully restored. Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

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This is the official web site of the Save Century Manor Task Force 2 (CMTF2). This task force was created not only to draw attention to the existence of Century Manor, an important Hamilton heritage building in danger of demolition by neglect, but also to provide information on Century Manor and to gain support within and outside our community for our ongoing fight to save and preserve this heritage building through restoration and adaptive reuse.

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