Some quarrels don’t end with death – the Binkley Hollows 1854 Cemetery

Binkley Hallow 1854 Cemetery, Hamilton (Ont) Photo by @erskinec
Binkley Hallow 1854 Cemetery, Hamilton (Ont) Photo by @erskinec

The Binkley Hollow Cemetery is another beautiful graveyard located across the valley from the Binkley Pioneer cemetery.

In the campus archives, there is an interesting note by an unknown author that was written in the 1940s.

According to the story, Hiram Binkley had a quarrel with his family, likely the father, and he decided to start his own cemetery in 1854.

The Binkley Hollow Cemetery holds 34 monuments and overlooks the same valley and former marsh as the 1803 Binkley Cemetery.

As mentioned in an earlier posting, cold winters can pose a challenge to burying the dead, and this was also the Hiriam’s own burial.

Hiriam instructed his family to bury him facing east so he could welcome the day of resurrection and that he be sealed in cement.

Maybe he feared grave robbers or maybe he feared that his estranged relatives might want to re-bury him in the main family cemetery. Whatever the reasons, his wishes could not be followed because the winter was very cold and the cement would not set.

As far as can be determined, Hiriam still rests at peace, waiting judgement day with his side of the family.

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