Challenges of Blogging – HamOnt Urban Landscape Artist Chris Erskine

Urabn Landscape Artist and Blogger  @erskinec
Urabn Landscape Artist and Blogger @erskinec

Challenges of a blogging

My video post on video blogging really struck a chord with people. Clearly this is an interest to many of you. So, let’s explore the challenges of blogging over the next several weeks.

Blogging or video blogging holds the promise of building an audience for your particular interest.

Yesterday, the New York Times had an article on Tyler Knott Gregson, a 34-year-old who has a following of 560,000 on Instagram and Tumblr. Gregson’s following was so strong that he was able to publish a book of poetry that sold 120,000 copies and became a national best sellers.

At a recent event to promote his most recent book of poetry he was able to draw an audience of 150 individuals. Not bad for a bookstore event!

Using social media followers as evidence of support, other poets have been able sign book deals with national American publishers.

This kind of success would never have happen if they simply submitted their poetry directly to the publishers.
With razor-thin profits; publishers, music studios, and art galleries cannot take the risk on an unknown, unproven individual.

As many of you already know, the bad news doesn’t end there, once you have signed on to your relevant gatekeeper, you have to accept that they will do very little to promote your success.

If you want to generate the viewership or foot traffic and the related sales, then you must somehow let your followers know what you are up to and translated their support into sales.

This is the promise of social media. To bypass the traditional gatekeepers and establish your worth as a poet, musician, or dare I say it – as an artist.

Next week – is your goal sales or awareness

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