A Most Picturesque Graveyard – Binkley’s Pioneer Cemetery

Binkley Pioneer Cemetery, Hamilton (Ont). Photo by @erskinec
Binkley Pioneer Cemetery, Hamilton (Ont). Photo by @erskinec

Despite development that has occurred around the Binkley graveyard, it still matches two descriptions found in the campus archives:

“The cemetery is on a hill over-looking the marsh a wedge-shaped piece nicely kept and very very peaceful.”

“The cemetery is reached by a winding road around the brow of the hill, most picturesque’

Before I knew there was a cemetery located here, I used to glance up from the parking lot that is located below and wonder whether those objects were tombstones.

Now years later, I have discovered one of the beautiful little spots in Hamilton. Judging by the quotes above, this is a timeless appreciation of this unique piece of landscape.

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